Regulatory Assistance

If you’re having trouble growing, or even surviving, with the evolving government regulatory environment that affects everyone today, we can help. Ever changing government regulations at the federal level, and at your state level have a way of sending mixed signals to the private sector, and non-profit sector as well. We at Amerivest can help you maneuver through the jungle of endless regulatory, licensing, public acts, and rules promulgated at the federal and state level that may affect your organization’s operations, your livelihood, and even your very survival. In many cases rules that are promulgated by various government agencies are not even consistent with the law, and need to be challenged, or at a minimum, reviewed for your particular circumstances.

We are NOT registered lobbyists, and do not act as such. However, we do have access to the lobbyin
g and trade association community at the state and federal levels. Whether it is existing legislation that may affect your organization, or new legislation that needs to be proposed to assist the environment within your entity and similar organizations operate within, we can help.

We also have considerable hands-on experience in dealing with the “bureaucracy”, and will be able to provide assistance with government agencies, their rules, regulations, and identifying the “right” people at the “right” place, in order to help dismantle those invisible barriers that may be hindering your operations, and growth.