Governmental Support

We are not registered lobbyists, nor do we act as such. However, we do have access to the lobbying and trade association community at the state and federal levels. Whether it is existing legislation that may affect your organization, or new legislation that needs to be proposed to assist the environment that your entity and similar organizations operate within, we can help.

We also have considerable hands-on experience with the “bureaucracy”, and will be able to guide you through the never-ending maze of government agencies, their rules, regulations, and identifying the “right” people at the “right” place, in order to help dismantle bureaucratic barriers that may be hindering your operations, and growth.

Our ability to engage lobbying professionals, tax experts, and access to public-private partnerships and initiatives, as well as international support available through our associates' offices around the world, can help overcome "invisible" barriers, garner the requisite government assistance, and help your principals make government "work for you"
, the way it's supposed to work.