Virtual Employment Solutions


We at Amerivest have partnered with Carnegie Mellon University's technology utilization private sector arm, in order to deploy proprietary technology to assist our clients. State-of-the Art unparalleled artificial intelligence capability will enable us to provide your organization with “a virtual employment solution” to drive efficiencies and quality previously unattainable.

Certain Virtual Solution applications can assist in operating efficiency and organizational restructuring. At Amerivest we have access to true “virtual employment” as part of a turnkey approach to driving specific objectives of your organization. By developing a Virtual Employment Operating Plan, a customized “VE-OP”, we can assist your firm in determining the best possible role for virtual systems. The great thing about this intuitive technology is that it "learns" quickly, and can grow its' capacity so that you can have all of the virtual task capacity and depth at your fingertips. It’s also fully scalable for your work load demands.

The Carnegie Mellon model "Virtual Employee", works 24 hours a day, and doesn’t require benefits or legacy costs to keep her on-board. ABBY,as “she’s” called, for example, will always be technologically and professionally competent and current in a changing world. “Her” bottom-line will be to reduce expenses while improving the quality of your organization’s income-making ability. Her inherent ongoing training capability can constantly update your personnel, staff, and management to keep pace with a changing economic, and evolving global environment. Proprietary “dashboard” capability will further empower your personnel to keep the VE-OP current.