Private Capital

We at Amerivest realize that your organization’s vision, with the constraints of the

present world credit markets, and ever-changing economic factors affecting both

the public and private sector today, may have a difficult if not impossible challenge to overcome. Consequently, our Turnkey solutions structured by masters of industry and those seasoned in the public sector, embraces a private equity capital capability that will only be employed for Amerivest’s own clients, and future partners.

By complementing our private equity sources with access to a boutique-style “pre-designed” public finance solution for your organization, your job will be to prove that your organization can successfully deploy fresh capital to benefit all parties, and our job is to help deliver it.

In 2013, Amerivest is anticipated to launch the Amerivest Limited Partnership, which is planning to deploy significant capital into two strategic funds, and an anticipated series of targeted high-growth emerging technology companies.