Public Finance

Amerivest has fully integrated our private equity finance capability through our strategic affiliations, and has developed a fresh approach to help secure public financing. This unique access to external "customized" public financing capability complements our turn-key services package.

Amerivest has unique access to external "customized" public financing capability in order to complement our turn-key services package.

Whether your are an incubator company, or a mature organization looking to change and grow, our approach to the implementation of reverse mergers and a boutique-style “pre-designed” public presence has been masterfully developed by our independent external public finance associates who are concerned about one thing: providing you the necessary capital to drive your business forward, while keeping you in control of your own destiny..

Historically, Wall Street brokerage firms, investment banking houses, and traditional “market-makers” have controlled the controlled the destiny of those seeking to go public. We at Amerivest believe that you should control your own destiny, while saving you from the often expensive and unnecessary cost of a traditional underwriter driven public offering. Some brokerage houses may be more concerned about their competition than they are about raising capital. Our external independent public finance associates focus on capital formation for your organization, through public financing from the broadest possible universe of investors. This customized public launch for your business can jump-start your capital formation in a way you never conceived as possible.

Individual members of our associated independent external team have successfully taken numerous companies public. Most importantly, their unique perspective of the public finance market is complemented by our hands-on management experience in actually operating public companies. We "have been where you need to go", and who better to assist you than battle-tested management support.